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Thursday, August 14, 2008

The rise of qgyh2 and the fall of reddit

Two out of three web site ranking services show that reddit's popularity is waning. This fall roughly coincides with qgyh2's transition from being the most prolific submitter on the site to being the most despotic moderator.

Unfortunately, qgyh2 is a moderator on all of the default subreddits that have moderators, and I am banned from all of them. I was banned because I submitted a link from presscue.com. It turns out that qgyh2 has a grudge against presscue.com because there's a user with the login name of qgyh2 on presscue.com, who regularly submits his(or her) content to reddit.

I have been labelled a spammer and banned, just because I submitted some content from a website qgyh2 has a long running personal grudge with. There are other social media sites where bullying is the norm, but one would've hoped that reddit wouldn't be one of them.

I have repeatedly challenged qgyh2 to provide proof that I am spammer, or that I am part of a upvote team. I have asked him to provide evidence of my alleged gaming of reddit. qgyh2 has not taken up the challenge simply because he has got nothing on me.

You might ask me why am I still on reddit even when it is being patrolled by your friendly neighborhood Stasi. Why, you may wonder, am I not finding some other website to hang out?

The answer is simple. 99% of the redditors are nice decent people. It is one of the few places on the Internet where you actually improve your IQ by reading comments. It would be a great pity if this valuable resource is destroyed by the power trips of one individual.

Edit: typo.

Thanks for spotting the typo, manthrax


Anonymous said...

Have you emailed the reddit creators about this? Surely they could do something?

Jerry said...

Regardless your beef with qgyh2. Have you thought that your data may only be pointing out to the fact that most students are on vacation?

You should revisit the issue in October and see if reddit is actually losing popularity.

Anonymous said...

More about it http://www.reddit.com/comments/6vsv3/censorship_on_reddit_reddit_run_by_junta_who_meet/

Anonymous said...

hold a grudge much?

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good fight. If what you are saying is true I support you. I get so tired of these overbearing dolts trying to control the rest of us. These are the exact reasons I left Digg!

Looks like reddit may have to be a thing of my past as well.

I have definitely noticed reddit has gone very down hill over the past few months. Not just in the comments but in the stories which make it to the front page. On top of that reddit doesn't seem to care about this decline.

What can we expect, it's own by the uberlame company "wired".

GuysBlog said...

This type of enforcement, this one-man army of what is right and wrong will suffocate Reddit.

You should allow others to answer your claims before putting your almighty hand of judgment on them.

silencer said...


silencer said...

Reddit accounts are being deleted or are having their login passwords and recovery email addresses changed to prevent users from making comments critical of the Israeli invasion of Gaza. Users creating new accounts have had them deleted for posting in similar topics.
YOUTUBE accounts are being removed also. It appears reddit moderators are logging into YOUTUBE accounts of reddit members with the same usernames, then deleting the accounts using the person's own password if it is the same as in their reddit account.

mentormatt8 said...

you could also go to pyrabang.com:


I know, the shameless plug but, you will see a place where people are the media, where people invest in other people's post circulation. Plus, pyrabang is not going to be sold like myspace, or reddit, or digg soon. Mark my words.

Anonymous said...

presscue.com = "How to Deal with Debt"


Anonymous said...

Look at Alexa's stats for Reddit right now:


Look at traffic stats/reach and compare with the chart above.

You can see that immediately after the author of this article left Reddit, reach started rising and is now 100 times higher than August 2008. Coincidence?

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