I am now active on presscue, where there are no moderators or censorship.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Good bye, reddit

Dear redditors,

I have spent almost two wonderful years reading, submitting, and commenting on reddit. But yesterday, I realized that the founders of reddit, whom I always considered to be wonderful people, were just businessmen, and for them, reddit was just a business.

In order to protect their most prized submitter qgyh2, they are accusing me of fabricating screenshots with the aim of tarnishing qgyh2's image. It's now my word against the founders of reddit so I don't blame you if you believe them. It is interesting that it took spez six hours to come that conclusion, when all he had to do was to execute a simple SQL statement. I wonder why, when spez insists that those message don't exist in their database at all, qgyh2 keeps on alleging that I edited them.

While am still grateful to spez and the team to creating this wonderful service, I feel hurt by their actions. Therefore, after I post this message on reddit, I am going to delete my account, and never visit reddit again.

I wish you all the best,

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The rise of qgyh2 and the fall of reddit

Two out of three web site ranking services show that reddit's popularity is waning. This fall roughly coincides with qgyh2's transition from being the most prolific submitter on the site to being the most despotic moderator.

Unfortunately, qgyh2 is a moderator on all of the default subreddits that have moderators, and I am banned from all of them. I was banned because I submitted a link from presscue.com. It turns out that qgyh2 has a grudge against presscue.com because there's a user with the login name of qgyh2 on presscue.com, who regularly submits his(or her) content to reddit.

I have been labelled a spammer and banned, just because I submitted some content from a website qgyh2 has a long running personal grudge with. There are other social media sites where bullying is the norm, but one would've hoped that reddit wouldn't be one of them.

I have repeatedly challenged qgyh2 to provide proof that I am spammer, or that I am part of a upvote team. I have asked him to provide evidence of my alleged gaming of reddit. qgyh2 has not taken up the challenge simply because he has got nothing on me.

You might ask me why am I still on reddit even when it is being patrolled by your friendly neighborhood Stasi. Why, you may wonder, am I not finding some other website to hang out?

The answer is simple. 99% of the redditors are nice decent people. It is one of the few places on the Internet where you actually improve your IQ by reading comments. It would be a great pity if this valuable resource is destroyed by the power trips of one individual.

Edit: typo.

Thanks for spotting the typo, manthrax

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Justice: qgyh2 style

Without offering any proof, qgyh2 has accused me of being a spammer who games reddit with the aid of an up vote team, and banned me from certain subreddits. This is all because I submitted 7 out of the 30 stories I submitted came from presscue. Here are the stories, and the voting and comments statistics:

StoryUp VotesDown VotesComments
The real
danger of RFID passports
President Evo
Morales survives recall vote in Bolivia
meda vs Alternative media [pic]
"Voters have
grave doubts about Obama" - Karl Rove [What about the subpoena?]
make chili peppers hot
Obesity genes revealed by Alabama scientists330
Vagina repair [pic][sfw]230

qgyh2 will not offer proof of the alleged group up voting because he has none. But he refuses to unban me, because he is on a power trip.

Sadly, my fellow redditors who are vocal about censorship on Digg[1][2][3], are silent when the same is happening on reddit.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Reddit run by junta who meet at /modtalk/

I have been banned from posting to worldnews. Here are the messages that I got from qgyh2, who seems to be the censor-in-chieft at reddit. You can also check my posting history to see if I deserve this ban.

(The messages I received from other users are not personal ones, but replies to my comments)

from qgyh2 sent 10 minutes ago

re: you've been banned

What part of you're banned don't you understand?
Don't bother submitting to worldnews as you are banned there

thank you

from qgyh2 sent 12 minutes ago

re: you've been banned

You're banned from wn

So get out and stay out

from qgyh2 sent 16 minutes ago

you've been banned

you have been banned from posting to Mod Talk.

from oblivious_human sent 4 hours ago

comment reply

Separate rating for Al Gore?

I am confused...

from americanuck sent 7 months ago

comment reply

Here in the past on the Pacific Coast as of 13:01:00 PST it is still not fixed.

from redreddit sent 7 months ago

comment reply

-ditto- Monday, 31 December 2007, 13:54:47 CST

from digital sent 1 year ago

comment reply

Being 'right' has never been one of Wolfowitz's or the Neo-Cons concerns, they do what they want, damn the consequences.

from wjw75 sent 1 year ago

comment reply

You're an idiot. Getting drunk in celebration of the end of a series of exams does not make you an alcoholic.

And as for forming an opinion of a political leader based on the actions of his children? What a good-looking idea you've got there! I expect you'll also be needing information on how each candidate's hair looks, the brightness of his smile, and how many babies he's kissed this quarter in order to make an informed vote in the upcoming election.

from Cookie sent 1 year ago

comment reply

Blair's son is not an alcoholic, he's a kid who got falling down drunk in a celebration and got caught out.

from bbklyn sent 1 year ago

comment reply

Absolutely, the world needs leaders with strong Family Values TM.