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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Justice: qgyh2 style

Without offering any proof, qgyh2 has accused me of being a spammer who games reddit with the aid of an up vote team, and banned me from certain subreddits. This is all because I submitted 7 out of the 30 stories I submitted came from presscue. Here are the stories, and the voting and comments statistics:

StoryUp VotesDown VotesComments
The real
danger of RFID passports
President Evo
Morales survives recall vote in Bolivia
meda vs Alternative media [pic]
"Voters have
grave doubts about Obama" - Karl Rove [What about the subpoena?]
make chili peppers hot
Obesity genes revealed by Alabama scientists330
Vagina repair [pic][sfw]230

qgyh2 will not offer proof of the alleged group up voting because he has none. But he refuses to unban me, because he is on a power trip.

Sadly, my fellow redditors who are vocal about censorship on Digg[1][2][3], are silent when the same is happening on reddit.

1 comment:

tinnyf said...

bang on sir.

i had no idea this was going on beneath the surface of reddit.

it's yet another illusion of free speech!

and these articles are quality, not spam!